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André 3000

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André 3000

New Blue Sun

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文 緊那羅:デジラ 訳 野田努 Dec 05,2023 UP

Andre 3000 - New Blue Sun

by Kinnara : Desi La

Several months ago, while attending a web3 event in a tall tower in the center of Shibuya, I felt a small commotion among some of the people there. In front of me was the back of a tall Black man carrying a flute. Having heard the stories numerous times of these “sitings” around the world, like a ghost visiting, I was lucky enough to witness Andre 3000 myself. Intimidated, I bit my tongue and let him be. Never an OutKast fan, I wasn’t star struck from nostalgia. I came to him late with their last 2 releases and then the scattered guest drops he popped up on randomly over the years. A fan, yes but also concerned of his mental state knowing other people had similar concerns.

The release of Andre 3000`s first album in 17 years at exactly the same time as a genocide is occurring in Gaza, Palestine is a coincidence. Is it? The universe is funny that way. He's said very clearly “No bars” so no one is surprised by the aquatic nature of the music. Meditative, ambient, simplistic, relaxing, boring, etc. There are numerous adjectives that could be used to describe this left-field work that no one was expecting. This from the man that killed “Solo (Reprise)” on Frank Ocean`s classic Blonde breathlessly. A classic musician upon a classic.

2024 with access to any type of music at ones finger tips literally, heads may not connect the dots to the 1970`s. Or the jacket photo`s resemblance to Thembi by Pharaoh Sanders with green clothing similar to the Indian influenced spiritual garb that many wore to protest the aggressions of western society. Many may not understand or remember that many Jazz legends of free jazz or spiritual jazz took on the flute to reach higher consciousness.

New Blue Sun is a surprise to the world of rap but fits perfectly in the Black tradition of 70`s out Jazz minus the virtuosity (which notably was influenced musically and spiritually by India). You only need to look back at Miles Davis` In a Silent Way. A gorgeous map of silky melodies, slow motion vibes and Moog vistas before the rhythms jumps in. Or the emotional incantations of Coltrane`s A Love Supreme. Numerous Sun Ra albums too many to mention evoke the quirky side of instrumental mysticism. Andre follows a lineage stretching over 50 years of Black artists who decided to throw curve balls to their followers embracing noncommercial eccentric pathways regardless of economic fallback.

The elaborate tongue in cheek titles of each track will amuse anyone. Jazz heads may be disappointed in the simplicity of the music. But that’s ok. The cynic will say there is nothing new here under the sun. But that’s not what is happening. Andre 3000`s left field release is probably the only experimental music that is viral across instagram stories and otters social media. Memes have flooded the internet reflecting humor of Atlanta hip hop fans nodding to the almost beatless new album as if there were beats and flows. Its a clear fact that people who would never venture into the experimental aisle of a music store (if there were one) and pick up such an album are dming their friends (as happened to me!) about this chill new world made by Andre 3000 which I should check out. Though history sometimes repeats itself, the context is most important. In a time of wider recognition of therapy’s relevance, in such a time when people are ready to run out into the street to protest, whether for Black Lives Matter or the end of occupation in Gaza, in such times that many feel that suicides and severe mental illness is treatable and preventable, A New Blue Sun is a red chill pill last earmark in this year of war made to lay everyone’s heavy heart to rest.

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文 緊那羅:デジラ